Don't Let Pain Stop You From Running


Zoetic Movement is a portable, simple, and subtle wearable waistband that seeks to measure and give relevant insight about one thing: your body. Our goal is simple: making exercise safe and easy. It senses muscle activity to prevent and reduce injury due to overuse or bad form. By guiding athletic form and offering personalized feedback in-app, Zoetic Movement reduces injury risk in your workout.

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Our Goals

Our product is designed to not only help prevent injury, but to improve your overall performance. Start running pain free today!


Without proper training, muscle strength decreases by 2-4% every year after you turn 50. Zoetic Movement's real time coaching mode and supplemental training exercises will help you be proactive in extending your running career. 


Zoetic Movement leverages top of the line EMG technology which helps predict and identify downward trends in muscle activation and offers recommendations to avoid injury.


Zoetic Movement helps you by acting as a coach and therapist, giving you real time feedback to correct your form as you’re running. Form corrections help you create muscle memory to be the best runner you can be.

From a Licensed Physical Therapist

"Small fixes in running form can have big impacts. Engaging your glutes, leaning your trunk forward, and driving from your back leg are just some examples. Zoetic will help you take your running to the next level and while helping to prevent injury."

- Nikki P

3 in 4 people get injured from running annually.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Zoetic Movement provides:

Personalized Insights

Corrective Exercises

Reduced Need for Pain Medication

Physical Therapists Verified

Attach the Patch

STEP 1: Download and install the app from play store or app store. The app will guide you through the configuration process. Support is available to help you.

STEP 2:Power on the core and attach the adhesive patch to your upper glute- follow the visual on the app!

STEP 3:Head out for a run, receive real-time feedback and manage you running stats to track your improvement!

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I can’t imagine my life without running. I wish I would have done something earlier to prevent myself from getting injured and facing this lifelong restriction. If I had been more proactive in taking charge of my health, I’d be able to maintain my running routine for many more years.

— Carol M.

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